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Gruffalo toys allow you to cuddle your favourite characters from one of the most popular & loved children's tales. 

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Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo does not have to remain on the pages of the book. After all, the Gruffalo movie very much brings it all to life. But sometimes you need the real thing! With our Gruffalo toys, you can give your hands on your favourite characters from this enchanting little story. 

Your child will enjoy bedtime even more snuggled up to their cherished plush. Or, if you are fanatical about all things Gruffalo, they make for great collector items. 

Looking For Something More Personal?

Our bespoke range lets you customise a wide range of must-have merchandise including t-shirts, water bottles, clocks, & so much more...

Gruffalo Plush (Small 6")

Gruffalo Plush (Small 6")


Gruffalo's Child Finger Puppets

Gruffalo's Child Finger Puppets

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Gruffalo's Child (Large) Plush

Gruffalo's Child (Large)


gruffalo owl soft toy

Gruffalo - Owl Plush


fox plush from the gruffalo

Gruffalo Fox Plush


gruffalo snake soft toy

Snake Plush


Gruffalo Mouse Plush (7in)

Gruffalo Mouse Plush (7")


Mouse Plush (Medium) Plush

Mouse Plush (Medium 9")


Mouse Plush (Large) Plush

Mouse Plush (Large)


Squirrel Plush Accessory

Squirrel Plush


Gruffalo Keyclip  Plush

Gruffalo Keyclip


Gruffalo Hand Puppet Toy

Gruffalo Hand Puppet


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