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If you have a child who loves the Gruffalo books, then this collection of soft toys is for you! The Gruffalo is a popular book by Julia Donaldson which features many characters, including the Gruffalo, Fox, Mouse, and Owl. These plush toys are the perfect gift for kids, and they will fall in love with their soft and cuddly friends! All the soft toys are made from the highest quality material, and the colors are wonderful and bright to attract children. There are so many characters available, and the page also has other fun accessories besides soft toys, so let’s go through it!


The first few soft toys are Gruffalo plush toys, available in different sizes and styles. You can get a small, medium, or large Gruffalo Plush for your little one, and they will love them all! The toys are so soft and cuddly that your child will take them everywhere, and it will be their best friend! The small size is 6 Inches, the Medium is inches, while the Large toy measures 12 Inches. Many children fall in love with their soft toys at a young age and play with them for years, and these soft toys are made with high-quality materials to last for a long time.

There are also many different Gruffalo characters, and the fans of the books will enjoy playing with their favorite characters. You can get a fox, mouse, owl, and snake plush, to name a few. All of these are mentioned in the books, and kids will be ecstatic to be their favorite book buddies come to life! It can be a great interactive experience for kids as they expand their collection and get all their favorite toys.

Apart from Gruffalo, the website also has many different characters from other popular stories by Julia. These include Room on the Broom toy collection, which has a witch plush, frog, bird, dog, and even a dragon! These toys are a fantastic companion for your child during their night routine as they read their bedtime story while cuddling their favorite characters!

You can also get a Highway Rat plush, which is an adorable character adorned with a cap, hat, and even a sword! The other toys available are The Snail and the Whale Plush and a Zog Plush. All of these are characters of Julia's beloved children's books, and they are the perfect cuddly gift for all children.

The website also has a huge collection of cool accessories to keep your child happy and engaged with their beloved characters. You can get the Gruffalo hand puppets, which are plush hand puppets that can be a very fun and interactive gift for a child. They can use it to create their own stories and skits.

Gruffalo finger puppets are also available, which have little puppets for each finger, all made with the highest-quality material. The finger puppets have a different character for each finger, including Gruffalo, mouse, fox, owl, and snake. Playing with puppets can be an amazing learning experience, and children can arrange skits to show off their skills and bring their favorite animals to life!

If your child is a huge Gruffalo fan, he will love the Gruffalo backpack, which is designed like the character itself. The backpack is highly versatile, and it can be used in school or while going camping. Your child will probably end up taking his favorite story character everywhere he goes, and the spacious backpack will provide enough storage to store all essentials.

While we’re talking about backpacks, let’s talk about the Stickman Backpack Clip. Stickman is also a very famous story character, and this cute little backpack clip can be attached to a backpack, key set, or even your rucksack! There is also Gruffalo Key-clip, which measures 12 by 8cm, and can be attached to your keys or back, and you can take it everywhere you go.

The website also has a very fun activity for children, which is a Gruffalo-themed skittles game for the Gruffalo enthusiasts. This game has all of the Gruffalo characters, including Mouse, Squirrel, Fox, Owl, Snake, and you can throw a ball to knock down the characters. The game is really fun, and it can be a hit activity at a birthday party or sleep-over, and children will stay engaged for hours. You can easily pack all the pieces in the hand-carry case after the children are done playing for safe storage.

There are a few other Gruffalo-themed trinkets and accessories on the website, which will give your child the complete Gruffalo experience. If your child is very young, you can get the Gruffalo baby blanket for them, which is a super-soft comforter to keep your baby warm and safe through the night. The comforter is made of soft fabric that is gentle on the baby's skin and makes for a great cuddle companion!

You can also get a pram toy for your kids, which can be attached to a buggy and pushchair as well. The trinket is perfect for keeping infants engaged while in their pram, and they will stay entertained by the jiggling toy when they go out. This pram toy is suitable for little kids, and it measures six by seven cm, so there is no risk of accidents. There are also Gruffalo rattles on the store, which make a soft rattling sound when moved, and are perfect for pacifying a child and soothing them when agitated.

All the toys in this store are themed after popular storybook characters, and children will love seeing their favorite characters in real life. They will also get interested in story reading and may even involve their toys in storytime! This makes the perfect gift for young children who adore storybooks!

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